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Umbrella Salon sits in the heart of Silicon Valley where speed of communication is key and clients live on mobile devices. As a forward thinking business, Umbrella Salon wanted to provide the convenience of messaging to customers, but the solution they had in place overburdened their front desk team. Customers wanted instant answers, and the front desk had to personally reply to every message. With everything else they had to do, Umbrella’s chat solution was actually making it harder to provide good service.

When Khiem, the business manager and co-founder of Umbrella, discovered Presence AI, he realized he’d found a way to provide the benefits of messaging without burdening his team. Since Presence AI completes day to day tasks, it would reduce front desk effort, and by answering most questions automatically, it would save time for his team. Umbrella's existing landline could even become the Presence AI text number, a phone number clients already knew.

I'd recommend Presence AI to any business that wants a better way to communicate with customers. We love it, and they love it, too.
Business Manager & Co-founder

Thanks to Presence AI, Umbrella Salon has now reduced their overall phone contact volume by 50%. Clients love the convenience of texting, and the front desk team saves hours every single day.

As a business manager, Khiem loves the efficiency of Presence AI, and because every conversation is stored and available in the Presence AI dashboard, he can review any direct messages his team sends to maintain and improve quality of service.

Veronica, Umbrella’s Salon Manager, and her team quickly and easily adopted Presence AI into their daily operation. She loves how responsive customers are to text messages. Whenever they need to make changes to appointments, customers are much likelier to respond to Presence AI than they did to voicemails and phone calls.

It's very easy for teams to get started with Presence AI. We use it every single day.
Salon Manager

Umbrella Salon also appreciates the great customer care they get from Presence AI. With support messaging built right into the Presence AI dashboard, they know they're just a message away from the Presence AI team who's always happy to help or just say hi.