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Taylor Monroe Salon was one of the first businesses to adopt Presence AI. At the time, Jovanny, the owner of Taylor Monroe Salon, and his Front Desk were looking for a streamlined way of communicating with their clients. Finding the right time to call clients had become a burden, many clients didn't want to talk by phone at all, and emails received fewer replies and were time consuming to manage. Taylor Monroe faced a challenge knowing who would actually be coming in for appointments.

Presence AI made a lot of sense to Taylor Monroe because their young, tech oriented clientele loves to text. Handling appointment confirmations, reschedulings, and cancellations over text with an AI looked like a huge convenience. Jovany trialed Presence AI with a select group of clients to see how well it performed and to get real world feedback. The results were instant. Jovany and his team loved what they saw and so did his select group of clients. Since then, they've come to depend on Presence AI in their daily operations and wouldn't look back.

Adopting Presence AI ended up being the best bet we took in years, and we don’t regret it!

Now that clients text Taylor Monroe Salon, Jovany says his clients are more engaged and likelier to rebook and confirm appointments - exactly the kind of streamlined communication he was looking for. With busy clients always on the go, Presence AI brought the convenience Taylor Monroe Salon needed. With Presence AI, texting the salon is as easy as texting friends.

There are no more misunderstandings with our clients. Everything's in our text exchanges. This helps everyone.
Brittney, Wilmer and Andrea
Front Desk Associates
Presence AI has become the salon's one stop shop for communicating with clients and managing the salon's schedule.

Presence AI has helped Taylor Monroe's front desk team dramatically reduce scheduling errors and no-shows. They've saved at least 3 hours a day thanks to Presence AI, leaving them more time to take care of clients in the salon.