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David and Daniel, owners of David James Salons (San Francisco and Marin), put a lot of effort into giving their salons a unique identity. They want their salons to inspire design, community, culture, and all things chic, and they want to share all of this with like-minded strangers who become part of the David James Salon family.

Communication is essential to them. They have a young clientele who love to text. Answering clients as quickly as they expect became a real challenge - It’s hard to text when you're standing behind a chair cutting hair all day!

We wanted a way to continue texting our clients in a convenient and secure way. Presence AI solved this problem for us.
Stylist and Co-owner

Presence AI has everything David James salons need. When clients ask questions about opening hours, locations, services, and pricing, the AI automatically replies in seconds. New appointment requests, confirmations, reschedulings, and cancellations are handled over text messaging and completed through Presence AI.

When the front desk needs to message clients directly, the team at David James uses Presence AI's intuitive dashboard. Text messages are delivered through each salon's landline numbers so there's no confusion for clients about who's texting them.

The AI really saves me tons of time! It shaved off a considerable amount of calls.
Front Desk Associate

For Matthew at the front desk, automated confirmations are the best part of Presence AI. Every day, Presence AI automatically handles appointment confirmations by text, saving Matthew time he used to spend calling customers. This gives him the freedom he needs to keep the salon pristine.

David James' clients are happier replying to texts than answering phone calls.

Clients of David James salons love the convenience of texts. It makes their lives easier and they're much more likely to reply to texts than answer phone calls or voicemails.