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Filomena, owner of B Parlor, makes daily task management her front desk's top priority, and she wants to make sure her team has the right tools and technology to make this possible. Appointment confirmations consumed a huge amount of time for her team. Phone calls to customers required multiple call backs and voicemail messages. Spending so much time on the phone during the day meant the front desk team only had a small amount of time to complete other daily tasks. Work overflowed from one day into the next.

Filomena needed a simple, intuitive tool that worked for all of the people on her front desk team. At the same time, Filomena's personal phone number had become the way customers texted the salon for appointments and questions. Texting over her personal number made it impossible for her front desk team to keep up with customer requests.

This is a simple and intuitive tool that answers our needs. Onboarding was seamless, and I spent very little time training my team at the front desk.
Stylist and Owner

Filomena found that Presence AI solves her front desk problems beautifully. On a daily basis, Presence AI automatically texts appointment confirmation requests and handles responses on its own. Confirmed appointments are registered in Mindbody. Reschedulings and cancellations are taken care of by the AI, freeing the front desk team to take care of customers in the salon.

B Parlor's front desk team spent at least 1 hour of every day on appointment confirmations by phone. Now they just trust Presence AI to get the job done. Sarah from the front desk feels spoiled by the AI and can't imagine working without it. Now she and her team spend more time clearing out daily tasks and taking care of customers in person.

I've been spoiled by the AI working for me. I can't imagine going back!
Front Desk Associate

Stylists love the fact they no longer use personal numbers to text clients and have the AI handle appointments for them. The AI is always available even when they're cutting hair or off for the day.

Presence AI works for everyone at the Salon: Front Desk, Owners, Stylists, Renters, Clients. Everyone saves time and everyone's happy ;-)

Filomena and her front desk team really love Presence AI's built in support channel. They message questions, and Presence AI's support team is there to help. Presence AI cares about B Parlor's needs as much as B Parlor cares about their clients's hair!