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Atelier Emmanuel Testimonial

Atelier Emmanuel is a premier salon in San Francisco that faced a growing demand to book new and current clients in a timely, efficient manner. Even with 2 full-time people operating their front desk, customer contact began to outpace their ability to provide the level of personal care they wanted to provide.

Presence AI allowed our front desk staff to handle more customer requests.
Laura and Felix
General Managers

Presence AI reduced Atelier Emmanuel's daily phone calls by allowing customers to text message for appointments, rebookings, reschedulings, and everyday questions. Presence AI saves Atelier Emmanuel's front desk team 2 hours of work every single day. Now, Sarah and Ashley have more time to take even better care of clients during their visits to the salon.

Now we have more time to stay on top of our tasks and better take care of clients in the salon.
Ashley & Sarah
Front Desk associates

Presence AI handles all of Atelier Emmanuel's daily appointment confirmations, saving the front desk team a huge amount of manual effort and time. Even better, their appointment confirmation response rate has improved by 3 times making it a lot easier to maintain an accurate schedule for the salon. Not only that, Presence AI assists with rescheduling and cancellations requests!

3X more clients confirm appointments by
Presence AI texts than by phone calls

Laura, Felix, and Emmanuel, the managing team at Atelier Emmanuel, have been ecstatic to see how helpful Presence AI has been to their front desk. Without hiring additional staff, Atelier Emmanuel now has 24/7 availability over text messaging, keeping them connected to clients when their clients need it.