That moment of bliss that happens when your spa customers get to relax.
The ease and comfort of knowing you're being taken care of, that all your worries will go away.

Your spa strives to give your customers the best experience. Whether it's a massage or skin treatment, your customers want comfort and ease.

Why not provide the same level of convenience and ease in the way you communicate with your spa customers.

Simple Communication

Presence AI provides your spa and your spa customers with the simplest form of communication: text messaging.

Presence AI text enables your spa's existing landline number making it simple for your spa customers to contact you in a new way.


Customer Convenience

Your spa customers will love the ease and convenience of replying naturally, in their own way, with their own language to Presence AI appointment reminders. No more rush to answer a call or voicemails that never get answered. Your spa customers will be able to relax and message you when they want and how they want. Because every message is personal, customers are more likely to reply, which leads to lower no-shows and more appointments.

24/7 Coverage

Presence AI helps your spa even when you're not around. Presence AI works 24/7 for your spa by answering messages, taking appointment requests, and letting customers know when you'll be open next to receive any necessary final confirmations.

Customer Love

Your spa will have more time for pampering your in-store customers because Presence AI will handle many of your messages automatically. Your spa's daily appointment reminders will become a lot easier and more efficient for your front desk team and your customers. Best of all, your customers will love Presence AI for your spa. Messaging will make your spa experience even more blissful and relaxing. Start messaging with your sp customers today by signing up for Presence AI.

How to get Presence AI


We text enable your existing landline number.

Customers text you.