Let your customers text you.

Small businesses, Hair Salons, Spas are using Presence AI. Why not you?

Messaging Businesses

If you call your customers, you need messaging with Presence AI. Face it, no one wants to take a phone call if they don't have to.

Calls lead to voicemails and voicemails lead to phone tag.

Presence AI gives businesses the same messaging convenience everybody already has when messaging with friends and family.

More Convenient than Calls

For almost everything, a text message is way more convenient than a phone call.

Messaging lets you and your customers reply at your own pace without interrupting anything else that might be going on.

Why not message as a business? Your customers would prefer it, and with Presence AI so will you.

Small businesses - People

Text with Your Existing Landline

Presence AI adds text messaging to your existing landline phone number.
The same phone number your customers already use to call for questions and appointments becomes the number customers use to send you text messages. Messaging businesses should be that simple.

Business messaging is made even simpler with Presence AI.

Presence AI provides a simple web based dashboard to view all your customer conversations.
For most messages, Presence AI will answer your customers automatically.

From questions about your business hours to requests for new appointments, Presence AI takes the work out of text messaging.

Presence AI dashboard

Team Messaging

Have a team who needs to message together? No problem. Presence AI's powerful dashboard lets as many team members manage your Presence AI as you need.

24/7 Convenience

Your customers get 24/7 messaging convenience with the freedom to ask whatever questions they want, notify you about late arrivals, request changes to existing appoitments, or just say thanks for the great service you recently provided. Presence AI will make your business available on messaging and be there for you to make messaging simple and easy.

Work Smarter and Faster

The daily work of contacting customers by phone calls and playing games of phone tag to confirm appointments goes away with Presence AI business messaging.

You'll be able to deliver, handle, and automatically reply to customer messages with Presence AI saving you a ton of time and energy every single day.

Best of all, your customers will love messaging with Presence AI.

Dashboard Panel - Team

Benefits for Small Businesses


Same Number

Let your customers text you over your existing front desk number.

Appointment Reminders

Sending texts to remind customers of appointments will decrease last minute cancellations and no-shows.

Instant Responses

Presence AI works 24/7 and answers your customers immediately.

Improve Loyalty

You will have a closer and more personal relationship with your customers via texting.

Increase Productivity

Spend less time behind your front desk. Your 24/7 Presence AI will handle your customer inquiries.

Improve Convenience

Let your customers contact you the way they want. Everyone texts!