Presence AI brings
Landline texting to your business

Landline Texting


4.5 Billion

Text messages are sent every month to landline numbers from wireless subscribers.


Of all customers want to contact a business via texting over a call.


Of text messages sent to customers are read. Only 10% of emails are opened.
What happens when you send a text message to a landline telephone for a business? Does the phone ring, does the number show up on caller ID, or does the business pick up and hear something like a dial-up modem?

Most of the time, messages just disappear into the ether. They won’t be delivered or received.
Texting isn’t just for mobile phones anymore.
With Presence AI, you receive all your texts on a web based dashboard.

Enable landline texting

By enabling landline texting with your existing business number, your customers will be able to text the number they already know.
You've posted your number to Facebook, Google, Yelp. It's even on your store windows and business cards. Why not let your customers text your business?

Send and receive text messages

With Presence AI, the same landline phone number you use for phone calls will be able to send and receive text messages.
With our dashboard, you’ll be able to view all of your customer conversations in one place.

Improve convenience

And by enabling landline texting, you’ll separate your business texts from your personal texts.
No more accidental texts to customers that you meant for your friends.

Booking handling during
                    off-hours conversation animation

How Landline Texting works


A mobile user sends a text to your business landline number.

It appears in your Presence AI dashboard.

Your Presence AI handles the conversation for you or you can reply yourself.