Hair Salons

Hair Salons

Your hair salon customers are all about their style, their way. They're on top of the latest trends and fashions in hair and beauty.

They demand and deserve great service from their hair salon.

That's why they come to your hair salon. Style and service they can depend on.

Stylish and Convenient

Why not take the next step in offering your hair salon customers even more convenience by offering messaging with Presence AI.

They already text their friends all the time.

Maybe they've even texted their stylists directly.

With Presence AI, your hair salon becomes available to send and receive text messages over your existing landline number, the same number your hair salon customers already know and use.
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Front Desk Ease

Your front desk team and stylists can keep their personal numbers personal and have Presence AI handle all of your hair salon customer messages. Your entire team can be provided access to Presence AI's simple to use dashboard for monitoring conversations, sending confirmations and reminders, and handling any conversation directly.

Personal Replies

Your hair salon customers will love the ease and convenience of replying naturally, in their own way, with their own language to Presence AI appointment reminders. No more voicemails that go forgotten, emails that go to trash. With Presence AI messages, customers reply to your hair salon on their own time, in their own way. Because every message is personal, customers are more likely to reply, which leads to lower no-shows and more appointments.

24/7 Coverage

Presence AI helps your hair salon even when you're not around. Presence AI works 24/7 for your hair salon by answering messages, taking appointment requests, and letting customers know when you'll be open next to receive any necessary final confirmations.

Saves Your Hair Salon Time

Your hair salon will have more time for your in-store customers because Presence AI will handle many of your messages automatically. Your hair salon's daily appointment reminders will become a lot easier and more efficient for your front desk team and your customers.

Customer Love

Best of all, your customers will love Presence AI for your hair salon. Messaging isn't just a fad, it's a trend that's here to stay. Start messaging with your hair salon customers today by signing up for Presence AI.

How to get Presence AI


We text enable your existing landline number.

Customers text you.