Give Your Frontdesk Superpowers

The Power of Texting
Assisted by Artificial Intelligence

Text Enable Your Landline Number

Customers already know your phone number. You've posted it to Facebook, Google, Yelp. It's even on your store windows and business cards.

With Presence AI the same landline phone number you use for phone calls will be able to send and receive text messages.

Customers will recognize and trust messages that come from a number they know belongs to you.

By the way, customers may already be texting you! Get started with Presence AI and never miss a message again.

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Add Our Widget to Your Website

With our texting widget, your customers will be able to start messaging you right from your website whether they're on a mobile device or desktop machine. It's quick and easy to install on almost any site.

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Website widget animation

Quick Confirmations by Text

Calling customers to confirm appointments is a huge hassle. Voicemails, phone tag, missed calls...

Presence AI takes the work out of confirmations. Customers love it! It’s easier for them to reply, even while they’re at work. You won’t interrupt them, and they’re more likely to reply because of the convenience.


Automatic Rebooking

For customers who confirm, great!

For customers who can't make it, your AI will automatically prompt for rebookings and handle the conversation for you.

Booking confirmation conversation animation

Presence AI Handles Bookings

From simple requests to new booking inquiries, Presence AI answers questions and gathers details for you.


Presence AI Works 24/7

When a request needs your approval, Presence AI reaches out to you.

If this happens when you're closed, it lets customers know when you'll be open next and likely to reply.

Booking handling during off-hours conversation animation

Booking System Integrations

By integrating with your existing booking system, Presence AI becomes even more powerful.

Your existing customer base becomes familiar to Presence AI, and every booking is handled seamlessly.

For new booking requests, your Presence AI will verify openings, stylist availability, and valid appointment times. Changes to existing appointments will be rescheduled with ease.

Confirmations and reminders will be delivered with simple, clear approvals.

Your Presence AI will take even more work and worry out of your every day tasks.

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You'll get a text from us shortly! In the meantime, check out some of our features.