Booker & Presence AI

Booker synchronized with Presence AI.

Booker offers the most advanced software for Management, Booking, Marketing, and POS for small, medium, and large size business worldwide.

Manage your online bookings, point-of-sale, membership and loyalty programs, all while attracting new clients, and making sure they come back.
Access your business anytime, anywhere, all on Booker's secure, cost-effective, cloud-based software.

Presence AI Plus Booker

Presence AI makes Booker even more powerful for you and your clients.
Presence AI brings the convenience of natural text messaging to the power of Booker's scheduling platform.

Presence AI harnesses the customer knowledge your business accumulates in Booker to deliver timely appointment reminders and allow for prompt, easy, and efficient rebooking, new bookings, and changes.

Your customers get to message with your business just as they would with you directly.

Presence AI keeps track of all new appointments and updates so you and your front desk team stay on top of all your customer needs.

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24/7 Coverage

Your Booker service works 24/7 so why shouldn't your customers be able to message with your business 24/7 too. Presence AI keeps track of every appointment update, confirmation, and change even when you've closed for the day. Presence AI and Booker work together to bring your customers 24/7 convenience.

Front Desk Ease

Booker was designed to make work easier for businesses. Things get even easier with Presence AI. With easy and natural text messaging made available to your customers, you'll see great response rates to your appointment reminders, reducing your no-shows and cancellations. Your customers will be able to request rebookings and updates all by text message. Best of all, with Booker and Presence AI working together, all of your appointment and customer info lives in one place on Booker.

Seamless Setup

In just a few steps, your Presence AI and Booker systems can be easily connected to work together. Setup takes just a few quick clicks. Presence AI will be happy to help you through the setup process and connect your Presence AI with Booker in just a few minutes.