Automatic Bookings

Automatic Bookings

Take the work out of booking appointments with Presence AI's Automatic Bookings by text.

Presence AI handles bookings automatically by asking all the right questions to book your clients for appointments.

Presence AI gathers date, time, services needed, preferences, and any special requests with every automatic booking.

This saves you and your front desk team a ton of time.

You spend a less time on phone calls and emails setting up appointments.

Now they can interact with Presence AI to automatically book their own appointments all by text message.

Booking handling during
                off-hours conversation animation

Customers Love Convenience

You and your front desk team approve and suggest changes to any appointment that has been automatically booked for you.

Presence AI handles all negotiations to find the right time for you and your client.

When all the details have been set, Presence AI sends your client a confirmation with a quick link to add their appointment to their calendar.

Automatic bookings makes things easier for your business and for your clients.

Best of all customers love the convenience and speed of Presence AI Automatic Bookings.

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Automatic Rebookings

If your client needs to make a change, Presence AI is there to handle all of the changes automatically.

Instead of simply cancelling appointments, Presence AI offers to rebook an appointment and then gathers all of the new appointment details automatically.

Reduce No-Shows

Your clients won't have to wait on hold or wait for an email reply to begin their rebookings.

Presence AI automatically leads them through a rebooking to make sure they get the appointment they need and to make sure you and your front desk won't have to deal with another no-show.

Booking handling during
                off-hours conversation animation

How Automatic Booking works


Clients text your landline number to request a new appointment

Presence AI automatically handles the conversation and completes the booking.

Your front desk team makes any necessary final changes and approvals.
Presence AI completes the booking.