Fix your no-show problem with Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders

Want to reduce your no-shows? Presence AI Appointment Reminders will save you time, energy, and effort while improving your customer response rate to appointment reminders.

Presence AI will notify your customers of an upcoming appointment and automatically handle the conversation with the customer.

For customers who reply to an appointment reminder with an enthusiastic "Yes!" or "I'll be there" or "Looking forward to see you!", Presence AI will finalize the appointment reminder confirmation and let you know the customer will make it to the appointment.

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                off-hours conversation animation

Natural Customer Responses

Customers are free to reply naturally to Presence AI appointment reminders.
This works great for positive appointment reminder confirmations, but it works like magic for handling rebookings and appointment updates.

With many appointment reminder systems customers are only allowed to type a number or a letter.
Your customers should be able to say what they want, how they want to say it.
Your customers aren't robots so why treat them that way?

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Conversations Not Just Notifications

Presence AI appointment reminders aren't just notifications.
Presence AI appointment reminders let your customers say they need to cancel an appointment, rebook appointment, or add a service to an appointment.

Not only will Presence AI understand what your customers need, Presence AI will automatically handle cancellations by suggesting rebookings.

Presence AI appointment reminders will even gather all of the necessary details to complete a rebooking on its own.
It will let you know about cancellations and changes so you and your front desk can make any necessary updates.

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                off-hours conversation animation

Customers Love Presence AI Appointment Reminders

Customers love replying naturally to appointment reminders from Presence AI.

Your customers will be able to reply freely and naturally just as they would with a member of a front desk team.

They'll even be able to reply whenever they want. Presence AI is available 24/7 to handle all appointment reminder responses.

By providing customers the convenience and ease of Presence AI appointment reminders, you'll reduce your no-shows and make your customers even happier.

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How Appointment Reminders work


Presence AI reminds your customer.

Your customer confirms or needs to make a change.

Presence AI automatically rebooks.