Presence AI is your 24/7 Business Assistant

24/7 Business Assistant

Imagine your business was available to answer customer text messages all day, every day.

24/7 coverage for every customer message.

Impossible for you and your front desk today? Too expensive to consider 24/7 staffing?
Presence AI's 24/7 Business Assistant gives you all day, every day coverage. Holidays, weekends, off-hours? No problem.

Affordable 24/7 Messaging

At a fraction of the cost of staffing a team to handle messages 24/7, Presence AI makes sure your business is always ready for your customer’s messages.

Never miss an appointment request. Make sure customers with questions about your services, location, and business hours are always answered.

Presence AI's 24/7 Business Assistant is always there to greet your customers and give them as much help as possible.

Any time your 24/7 Business Assistant needs your help to complete a task, it courteously informs your customer when they can expect an update based on your actual business hours.

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                off-hours conversation animation

Presence AI Clarity

Presence AI's 24/7 Business Assistant makes sure you know about every open request and keeps things organized for you when you and your front desk team open for business.
No more post-it notes and forgotten to-do’s.

Your 24/7 Business Assistant keeps track of every customer conversation and makes sure you know which messages need your attention.
Less work and less hassle for you and your front desk team.

Don't stop responding to your customer's messages just because you've shut down the business for the day.

Customer Convenience

Presence AI's 24/7 Business Assistant is here to help your customers when they want to be helped.

Your customers want to ask questions, book appointments, rebook appointments by text message on their time, and sometimes their time means 1AM text messages.

With Presence AI's 24/7 Business Assistant, your business will be there to answer all day, every day.

Get your Presence AI 24/7 Business Assistant today.

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How to get your 24/7 Business Assistant


We text enable your existing landline number.

Customers text you.